I want my building to last
so I don’t want to be too fast.
I want it to stand the test of time
when there’s a storm or the weather fine.

Houses are not to live in just a day
yet many build ones that don’t remain.
If God is to be our strength and stay
it’s better to build one that lasts many days.

Not just for today and tomorrow
for someone’s strength is not ours to borrow.
They’ve built their house, I must build mine
not just for when the weather’s fine.

If there’s a tempest, I will not be moved
when situations arise or I feel blue.
I will start my house with materials new
praise and thanks is what I will choose.

Whatever the day, my homage pay
to my Creator and Lord
truly this I can afford.
Yielded to His Good Will
and keeping still.

When things call for prayer
I will climb those stairs.
Patience is a must
don’t fret and fuss.
Expecting good instead of bad
not letting my heart feel sad.

What is it worth, this house of mine
building it to last for all time?
I will give it my best, yes don’t be slack
praising God when the wind is on my back.

Thanking Him with healthy expectations
prayer is not a delegation
for others to meet my needs instead of God.
Look to the Master’s measuring rod
what have I sown for a blessed outcome?

Keeping my eyes on those things Above
walking with fortitude and in Love?
Daily homage is what I must give to my Maker
surely then, my Peace will be greater.

I will see rewards as I build
using my God given Faith as a shield.
There are more blessings for the wise man
those resting in His perfect plans.

Giftings are for those who use them
I will seek to wisely choose when
situations present themselves –
do not leave them on a shelf.

He gives me treasures in His Word
I must act on what I’ve learned.
Do not leave to far away
this is wise, that’s what I say.
He gives wisdom, He gives strength
to those who are there for the length.

He does not make you do anything
but when you do, your heart will sing.
Peace to the builders who build on a rock
it will bring you satisfaction, lots.

So stop to consider what house you would like
and then it shall be filled with light.
Beauty for ashes, that’s what they say
choose to respond to Jesus, the Excellent Way!

By Janet Vargas © Dec 2020


A very strict Copyright applies to this Parable-Poem 2023