A Prayerful Meditation

4-9 It always pays to give whatever concerns you have to The Lord. Refuse to be anxious.
Instead, Rejoice in Jesus – make this everyday, keeping you above earthly circumstances.
This is the way He wants you to live, presenting whatever requests you have in prayer with a thankful heart. Worries can make us prayerless, let this not be you. Turn them into opportunities to make you prayerful, bringing you near to His Heart. There, you will find His Covering. He will deal with those concerns – His shoulders are bigger than yours.
Yes, He will give you His Peace in exchange for troublesome thoughts – don’t let them even get to that stage. Let Him garrison you with His Presence in these stressful times – you can always find a sense of Peace this way, to offset stressful concerns. Then you will find something to be glad about, but do this beforehand. Rejoice daily, simply because you belong to Him and He Cares about you, interested in the activities of your day. Rejoice because of who He is, a Wonderful benevolent Gracious God, ready to address your concerns when they are committed in trust to Him. Some things build up in our minds and aren’t half as big as they seem to be when we neglect prayer. Let that not be you. Commit your way to Him, trusting Him to Act as you fill your mind with Good Things. Yes refuse to be disturbed about anything. Meditate on things glad instead of sad and keep your thoughts free of reproach, not keeping grudges about anyone, thinking disfavorably of them or making hasty judgements but always thinking good thoughts about everyone, wishing them well. This is excellent and praiseworthy. Always concern yourself with the Good Report found in His Word rather than the concerns of the world. Dwell on things lovely, pure and commendable – that are not found in media – yes fill your minds with the Good things of God. Then you will find something to Rejoice about. But you must practice this daily, so your thoughts will not gravitate to things disturbing that get us down and take our minds off God. So be wise Children of God, commit things to Him daily, giving Him thanks and keeping your thoughts godly. Always walk this way, He can be happy to address your concerns and answer your prayers when you live accordingly, not preoccupying yourselves with worldly things or concerns. Yes, Rejoice and trust in Adonai. Praise Him ALWAYS!