His Faithfulness and Mercies in Every Situation

The Lord is placing on my heart to write about His Faithfulness and Loving Mercies – He never leaves us.

There was a very stressful time I went through years ago that I described as ‘relentless’ and for some time after that, I could not handle the word ‘faithfulness’……..I could think of the Love of God etc but the other baffled me – it was ouchy  to  think or hear it. For years previous, there was a favorite song Great is Your Faithfulness I can sing again!

Some years later now after The Lord wonderfully came through for me, I am comfortable with this expression again “the Faithfulness of God”…….it is taking on new meaning for me through a rich treasury of scriptures on a website called Bible Hub.

My present circumstances are not exactly ideal, for there is good and not so good in my life at the moment. But to me, there are two phases of Faithfulness: one where you are resting your weight (of whatever) upon Him and trusting for the outcome and the other of-course is rejoicing in His Faithfulness when He comes into our situation and does something with it.

But He wants us to see Him there with us beforehand – in a quiet place in the center of the storm, so to speak. Yes, He is our resting place in the midst of an unrestful situation. We can be involved in one or the other. We can be fretful and upset ourselves in the situation that presents itself and is there for a time (often) or we can engage ourselves with the Peace of God in the midst of it, by drawing aside in His Presence daily and seeing Him with us in the situation. In other words, we need to separate ourselves (spiritually speaking) from the situation instead of being at the mercy of it. Yes, it is much better. Ask Him to show you.

“I will not leave you or forsake you”…. some of us think or feel that He has. “He is an ever-present help in situations”. He wants us to draw on His Strength and rest in His ability. In this way we grow. Sometimes there is a little stretching in the growing process (like there is with children) and because He does not move straightaway, we get bewildered. That’s why we need to relate closely with Him in those times.

“You don’t know my situation!” you say. I would not like to tell you some of those I’ve been in  – I could tell you, it would ‘curl your hair’ if I did. But I don’t see any profit in that. It’s far better to share some things from my observations looking back over those times; what The Lord has shown me; and I am seeing in scripture now. At times through the years, I have been “Kept by the Power of God”.

Sometimes when we are experiencing much stress or turmoil, our prayer time and devotion time can lessen or even diminish. The Lord wants me to tell you, that’s when you want to press in not shy away – and He can “hide you in the cleft of the Rock” (that is His Peace, His Strength in His Presence). “He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” – sometimes we stop too quickly when He is saying


Many years ago, I was about to experience something distressing and The Lord gave me a prophetic word of knowledge through a pastor saying “there is a hard time around the corner and when it comes to hide yourself in My Word”. Not long after that, when I had forgotten this, something did come up I had not anticipated and I was emotionally shattered for a time there because I did not do what He said. If I had, I would have been stronger and recovered more quickly. It took me months to get over.

Consider This……

Have you ever seen those wise parents who do not spare their children everything but they stand by to give guidance? They let the child make decisions and work things out, and when their guidance is indicated, they step in and support them in a situation?

Parents grow strong kids this way and make them smart, providing that child has a loving environment. This can also give them resilience and skills for life.

That’s what our Father is like with us often but we don’t recognize it. Maybe we would ‘spit the dummy’ if we did!? So often we complain about something and feel hard done by, wondering where He is – much as to say “where’s my dad, my dad, where are you?”

And He’s right there, standing behind us, but we can’t see Him for the situation that has captured our view. In fact, it’s like a fog and He’s actually right in front of us, to give us that guidance, that support and lead us out of it or sustain us.

He is our Protector – We are His

I know we have enemies and real situations but I was speaking about that in a less threatening sense. We are in our Father’s Care in all situations, whatever they may be.

Like I said, it would curl your hair if you knew some things I could tell you – so He does cover everything! The Protection and Keeping Power of God is all around us – different than I thought a few times –  we need to know how to hold His hand in a storm and sometimes to come up a little higher in daddy’s arm where we can feel embraced.

But how can He do that if we run off in the storm or sit on the ground – letting go of His Hand because we are upset or things are disturbing around us?

And I do know what I’m talking about, because I have been misdiagnosed by the Medical Profession and experienced 2 Medically induced conditions and other situations. A few things through the years the Spirit of God tried to spare me from – I did not realize and walked straight into them.

We need to develop a sensitivity to “His still small Voice” in our spirit and listen closely because often, that’s where the Protection is – in the leading of His Spirit but we fail to recognize it if we are out of practice.


Peace To You Friends

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