Find His Plans 

Decide on Jesus and His Perfect Plans

not the impositions of man

Churches’ sermons and world of TV

they seek for an audience from you and me.

If you would find LIFE and rest from strife….

it’s seldom found in the voices of men.

Find JESUS_ He’s your Perfect Friend

One who is not just for now and then.

If you’ll be acquainted in a way that’s not tainted

by the thoughts and opinions of man

He will become your Resting Place

for He is the Great I AM__

He’s everything you need Him to be

get to know Him and you’ll be FREE!

Don’t LET the world or church crowd Him out

of your heart or your thoughts – it will make you pout

Work and Media seek your attention

every day to dim His Reflection.

If you want solitude, Peace and MORE

it’s found this side of Heaven’s Shores!

Direct your thoughts to Him Alone

and in His Presence you’ll feel at HOME.

Then ask Him to show His Plans for your life

be not in a rush but give this some time.

Come aside with His Words

TRULY the BEST I have heard.

Spend time in His Presence for this is the Essence

of Life, Hope, Joy, Peace to bring into your day….

Do this Now and Always

“The New Living Way!”  

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Jesus and Me

People are often busy-bodies

sometimes with good intentions.

They think their way of thinking is best

for their life and yours, they don’t let you rest.

Go to Jesus for respite, He will make your spirit light.

Then make your stand for Him alone

He gives Freedom in your home.

Yes, in your heart, make a new start

it’s Jesus and Me and I am Free.

Janet Vargas © June 2013

So there’s some Poems to give you SPACE

and Space for JESUS

So you can live a Happier Life with Him.