Throne Of Grace Come More Often!

This Is What Is Meant By Coming To The Throne Of Grace.
(His Enabling Power and Salvation/Deliverance)
Whenever You’re Harassed or life is giving you a really hard time.
Instead Of Feeling subdued or crushed, take your case before ADONAI
(Meet Him there, as the Judge over your enemies)

Take your place of Rest in the Presence of the Almighty
and let Him give you a Break from what is troubling you.
If you trust in His Fairness and Majesty,
He will Vindicate You over your Foes.
Do not play the victim – they wish for that –
Trust Him instead, Rise up and Go to Him.
If You Play Fair With Others (Ps 15)
Your Father Elshadi Will Be Fair With You.
That’s What The Throne Of Grace Is There For
In This Life – Have You Not Taken Advantage Of It?

By Janet Vargas © Dec 2020


A very strict Copyright applies to this Prayer-Tips Inspiration 2023