Yes thank You Lord, Your Praise I afford. To give You Praise, the One I adore. Yes, to Bless You, the Great I AM with all that I am. My Bright Morning Star, what a Wonder You are. You watch over me, so lovingly – with this awareness I am Free, to live this life in Your Victories until I reach my Blessed Home, no longer to roam. For sometimes I wander from Your Will. Help me to Rest in You, yielded and still. Therein I find such Victory: the Song of the Galiant and the Free. Help me to count the cost, when I feel lost, on this earth where I reside from birth. Help me to believe afresh, when my soul frets, and longs to be in Heaven, that wonderful place where there is no leaven. Help me to decide, in You I will confide, when things get too much. That’s the best place to be, on my knees, in Your Presence. This is the essence of Peace and sure release. Jesus my Friend of Friends, to You all my energies lend. Strengthen me with Your Victorious Joy as I employ Songs of Praises to Him who raises. Let me feast and sup as You fill my cup with Your blessing, I’m confessing, this is the Way, my homage pay, to the One who Redeemed me and made me His Own, I am not my own, to be left to my devices, help me to make some sacrifices to live for You with a heart that’s true – not to praise You only when skies are blue. Let’s fellowship now You often say – let my ears be sensitive to Your Voice along life’s way. The One I adore, I do wish for more of You, let my heart ring true. Be to me always my Strength and Stay along life’s way. I love You!


Janet Vargas © 2022-2023

A very strict Copyright applies to this Prayer-Inspiration.