Don’t entertain doubts and lies, in that way you side with your enemies.

Spend quality time in My Word and in My Presence – This will make you stronger than your enemies, yay stronger than your foes.

You must come often to strengthen your Focus. Have singleness of mind, not tossed by waves of the sea. I made you to be conquerors, valiant and Free.

Only in My Presence you can See – My Plans and Purpose – Your Victory.

I made you more than Conquerors – the Victory is Won. So Come, be Overcomers, through the Love of the Son.

There is no fear in My Love, it will make you Strong – have Faith in Me always, your whole life long.

This I Promise you, a Sure Reward in Heaven your Homeland and Blessings on Earth.

You need to remember, you’re Sojourners here – this will fill you with Hope and your spirit in Good Cheer.

Seek Me for Wisdom and Understanding, forget not My Words – Let them be the Best you have heard.

Don’t give way to temptations in this world but Seek to be in His Glory held.

For there in His Presence, you are His Royal Child – Stronger than your enemies, having audience with your King.

That is the true Sanctuary – not a building or a church – but your spirit, when basking in His Presence, the Sunshine of His Love.

Seek to be babe’s when it comes to evil and innocent as doves. Overcome offenses with forgiveness and love.

Let me always fill your spirit with Comfort and Cheer – yes always remember I am near.

Always run to Me, not away – I will become your Strength and Stay.

If you do this often, there will be a transformation – yes don’t shy from My Presence…….Freely Come!

.Janet Vargas © 2022

A very strict Copyright applies to this Prayer-Inspiration.