Jesus, sometimes You’re just in time. In this way my Faith is refined.

Purging the dross along the way – gladly to You my homage pay.

I will not surrender to my enemies: What about this? what about that? they say. They ask me questions I know not, give me recompense, give me lots, for all the strife and stress they’ve caused.

Yes, beauty for ashes, You’ve promised me – that shall be a reality.

I’m not shifting my eyes from You – I will prove Your Promises True.

How can I serve You if my spirit is down? Jesus, You have the best Victories around.

So surely, I will not concede to their whims and tactics – I will fight the good fight and be perfectly still – I’m not moved anymore, just patiently still.

For You shall ACT – that’s the True Facts. I’m ready with my Shield of Faith, You’re not too early and it’s never too late.

I will Thank You Jesus and Sing Your Praise – the Victory is Mine – believe and receive.


Janet Vargas © 2022

A very strict Copyright applies to this Prayer Inspiration.