Loving Him Takes Diligence

It takes diligence to love The Lord
for our hearts to be in one accord.
Our flesh wants to give in resistance to sin.
We make exceptions without reflection
on certain words we think we’ve learnt.

Yes to really love Scripture and be a Picture
of Jesus who came to Free us
is to have some resistance in those instants –
when things appeal are we for real?
With fervent desire or do we want to retire
just for a moment…..a day…..
to have our way instead of His Way?
It’s just too hard, it tastes like lard
that moment, that day, along life’s way?

To truly love His Words
is to practice those we think we’ve learned.
Without exceptions, those are regressions
from His Words of Life, be a little contrite.
For to walk in His Favor, there is no blessing greater
Except the Rapture, don’t let sin zap ya.
Do you want to be ready, keep your steps steady.
Live for His approval, not your own
when you want to take a roam.

Continue to feed on His Words, the sweetest heard.
Continue to Act on them and be Truly His Friend.
Yes our flesh complains and sighs
this should be no surprise.
It takes diligence to love The Lord
and keep your heart in one accord.

By Janet Vargas © Dec 2020

A very strict Copyright applies to this Commitment Poem