Janet Vargas

Hi there, I was brought up in a beach town near hills and country in Australia.

At the age of 12 I was sitting outside, on a nice sunny day, looking up into the sky and the thought occurred to me “I wonder what it would be like if God became one of us and He could think and feel like us?” Just then, the Presence of God came really close to me and I started praying in other languages like Christians did in the Book of Acts Chapter 2 in our bible. Yes, I was spontaneously Born Anew (a spiritual birth that takes place when Jesus comes in and resides in our spirit).

I had no religious or biblical background whatsoever and the next morning on waking, the Spirit of God revealed to me that Jesus was God. Not long after that an Aunty visited us and detoured me into religion. But 2 years later, I left that disillusioned because when I practiced all those religious traditions, it seemed to stifle the Presence of God and I desired that -I wanted to feel close to Him.

Jesus again intervened in my life at the age of 20 and this time, I was never going to look away from Him again – I was walking with Jesus, talking and praying and singing to Him and reading the Scriptures out in the sunshine and in my room. I also started sharing about Him freely and naturally with people and living for Jesus. At the age of 30 I vividly remembered the experience I had at the age of 12.

To Be Continued