An irresistible urge you know you should stop,
accompanied by a firey feeling often, to make sure we do.

A kind of restraint that makes it difficult to go on with something – you know you should back away.

The Holy Spirit is with you at a time of temptation to help you do that, when you’re sensitive to Him.

Sometimes He will come and presence Himself with you and wait for your response.

The temptation was quite irresistible, I felt awful and good at the same time –
awful because it meant too much to me and the conviction of the Holy Spirit ( the wooing)
actually felt good to know He Cared.

And He stayed with me in that temptation to see me through it to a desired outcome.

But when we are willful or say no to those tuggings of the Holy Spirit, He does back away – if we are insensitive.

With certain temptations, we think or feel that we just have to have something –
like a sense of urgency, it means too much to us
– more than it would other times maybe –
there’s an exaggerated sense (or amplified) of how good or great it would be to have that something,
that’s when we really do need to back away before it gets stronger.

With many temptations there is often a reasoning that takes place.
That’s when we need to be strong and say no ifs buts or maybes,
I’m out of this.

And sometimes He will know much better than us where something will lead to – we would not have a clue.

Sometimes afterwards, you wonder why something (you just had to have) was so important to you.
Or why the urgency?

Big sins and little sins are all the same to God – there is no difference between them.

Someone said once, whatever it is, it’s just not worth making Jesus unhappy.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit will bring some things to your remembrance,
He has shown you sometimes, to strengthen you in a temptation,
so you can walk right out of it, or snap out of it.

Sometimes temptations come to us when we’re not thinking, and often when we’re off guard.
That’s why The Lord counselled us to be vigilant.

And also to watch over our heart, It’s our Wellspring, and from it flow the issues of life.

Something we all need to do is, when we are first tempted, we should nip it in the bud before it develops,
and maybe becomes something we can’t handle. That would be truly wise.

Scripture says that David encouraged himself in The Lord. He used to say things like
“I have hid Your Word in my heart Lord, that I may not sin against You” and “with my whole heart
I have sought you, let me not wander from Your Commands” –
loving Him with all our mind and will and strength.
Treating others as we wish to be treated.

Sometimes things are designed to lead us off course. We need to practice vigilance.

When you really love Him, there’s an awareness afterwards,
He does not want us to feel dreadful for having felt tempted, but Liberated.
And we continue to walk with Him – stronger and happier and closer,
each time we show resistance, and Love to Him.

Scripture says “acquaint yourselves with The Lord and be at Peace with Him,
thereby His Goodness shall come to you”
The problem is that so many of us are out of touch with Him for months
or years even, and He has given us a conditional promise there.

Sometimes we settle for temptations when we get restless and discontented.
Usually, the closer we are to Him, the less likely we are to be tempted.

Something else we should be aware of is, sometimes we want His blessings our way,
and as our Father, when He says no to something,
it’s His way of saying “because I know better than you”

He has good plans for each child and it is for us to keep entering in.

The Lord be with your spirit.