Here on this Page are various Sayings that relate to our Walk with Jesus.
Some of them different to others you have read that will challenge the mind-sets of some.


“In Him we live and move and have our being” but often we are not conscious of it. ©

“Acknowledge Him in your ways and He will direct your paths”
He has an answer for every situation when we are attune to Him.
And He also gives us a sense of direction so we live our days with purpose. ©

Stay in the Light where you can bloom. ©

“Guard your heart for from it flow the springs of life” and this keeps me above. ©

Your actions speak louder than words__ those were the kindest I ever heard. ©

I will not let people’s behavior determine my behavior but look to God who is always at His best and how He thinks of me. ©

You have as much right to your views as the next person, don’t let theirs crowd you. ©

If I regard the morale and interests of others__ God will look after mine. ©

Where Faith, Hope and Love Abide His PEACE Resides! ©

He is interested in the activities of my day. ©

Take the situation in hand and place it on God’s shoulders__ His are bigger than ours! ©

I will not make a person feel off__ but show consideration for others each day. ©

Jesus died for us__ He values every person I relate to or encounter. ©

Be courageous, it’s contagious and others will follow you. ©

Be a light to those around you__ let your light be seen. ©

Courage in life and sacrifice that’s what you need to excel. ©

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly__ acquire these traits and you will do well. ©

Children will learn more by your actions than by your words. ©

In your daily life, try not to think of your cup as half empty, but half full. ©

Don’t let Smiles go out of your life – they will keep you from sadness, worry and strife. ©

Plan for Victory, not for defeat_ this will keep you from negativity and feeling bleak. ©

Don’t expect your friend to meet your need but expect God to meet both your needs. ©

It is good to have some joy in friendship….not problems all the time. ©

It’s alright to have a listening ear if you listen to your needs as well. ©

Give Faith Reign and not your doubts – the Choice is up to us. ©

Become personally acquainted with The Lord__ no-one can do this for you. ©

Experience is True Knowledge and nothing can replace it. ©

Grow in knowledge every day – it is truly wise to apply it. ©

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