Jesus, You’re with me for the length – in Quietness and Confidence shall be my Strength.

When I feel weak, my spirit is strong, as I look to You, this is what I choose.

I am not giving up, I will feast and sup.

In Your Presence is the Essence of Victory Sweet when I’m feeling bleak.

I will not concede defeat – Resting in You, I feel so Free.

Yes, in Quietness and Confidence shall be my Strength – you’re consciously with me from day to day.

I will not give up waiting patiently for You – I will take each opportunity to prove You True.

I stand on Your Words, the Sweetest heard – You’re my Living Fountain, in valleys, on mountains.

I only have to Trust in You – this Saves me from stress and feeling blue.

Yours Is The Victory.

.Janet Vargas © 2022-2023

A very strict Copyright applies to this Prayer-Inspiration.