There’s never been a time when so many of us are drawn to Prayer for our sustenance.
An Invitation is always Open for us to Come and Rest in His Presence and also to Go to His Throne of Grace in time of Need. Please click HERE to know more about that in a simplified way. Also, this Parable-Poem HERE may help you to strengthen your Walk with Jesus.

Over recent years there have been many of His Children who don’t Pray much – some for many years, yet you hope for Heaven. We were Saved to be Children of a Heavenly King in our time spent here. Lets see if I can inspire you to spend some/more time in His Presence.

Many of you have been so dry and fatigued with the challenges we are all faced with in this Day and Age. Can I encourage you, it is not a time to run from the world or from The Lord, but rather, Run to Him when you don’t understand……..even when He seems to be different than you thought He was or have known Him to be.

Much has changed around us, and circumstances change. We need to settle this in our hearts that He has not changed. He is the same God who is Faithful beyond compare. That’s why He is called “Faithful and True”………let your Faith remain/become steadfast in Him. He did not say we would find peace in the world but that we would find Peace in Him – that’s in the Covert of His Presence.

I will give you a link to another website I run, where you can Prayer-Read Scripture, that will furnish your spirit and help to bring you into His loving Presence. For now, the Sub-Pages in this WebMenu will fortify, inspire and enfold you as you read them. It is also a good thing if you click on the beautiful Worship Music page HERE and bathe in His embracing Care.