Magnify Me in situations – I AM Greater than your enemies, yes greater than your foes.

Have the bigger picture of Me. Yes frame a friends picture in their best light – do this with Me.

The clearer My Image, the greater your Victories. Care not for the things that are past – make it a New Day.

Magnify Me and See Me as I AM – that’s all you need to do in any situation, that’s all you need to do.

Don’t be intimidated by your enemies, I will deal with them as you Magnify and Trust Me.

I AM Higher than your enemies – just give Me that Rightful Place and See Me ACT for you.

The problem for My Children is they don’t Magnify Me enough. That is all, that is all.

Trust, believe and Magnify – Let Me be who I AM.

Expect The Lord to show up instead of your enemies. Say No to intimidation tactics, say No to their influence –
they are no object for Me. I AM your King of Kings, I AM your Lord of Lords.

Yes Praise and Glorify Me.

.Janet Vargas © 2022-2024

A very strict Copyright applies to this Prayer-Inspiration.